Sunday, May 27, 2007

Gotta love Sedona

Mommy forgot to bring toys, so Grammy made some homemade balls out of tinfoil and duct tape (Corbin really only wants to play ball these days..I'm about to sell all of his other toys lol).
My moms next door neighbor has the coolest homemade art in his front yard.
Posing with my sweets.

We've gotta get another pet

Tatum used to call my moms dog "Elmo" when she was Corbin's age (she couldn't pronounce Gizmo). They just love each other so much. I really miss having a pet around and I'm sure soon we will have another.

Every single cousin is married now :)

My youngest cousin got married over the weekend and my aunt made matching dresses for all of the girls and ties for all of the boys. My family is getting so big and I love the fact that they all get along so well.
Posing with Everett (my brother's little boy).

Taking turns being the "bear" with some of my cousins girls.

Family portrait.

Love this picture of my little man.
My aunt, Dan (my brother), Theresa (his wife), baby Everett, my mom and us.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day in Flagstaff

We just got back from a fabulous weekend at Daryl's parents 2nd home in Flagstaff. All of the cousins were there and everyone got along so well. Tatum kept asking when it was going to snow and I had to remind her that it was the middle of May and chances of that happening were slim lol. Daryl's brother, Craig (who now lives in Idaho) came down with Baron and he cooked for us all weekend (I swear I've gained at least 5 lbs lol). We also got to meet Byron and Karin's new baby boy, Owen who reminds me so much of Corbin when he was that little. We are so lucky to have such a supportive and wonderful family.
Oh, and Daryl's parents also hired a photographer to take our family portraits. I will post those as soon as I can.

She didn't want to try the swing at first,
but shortly changed her mind shortly after
Such a brave girl!

Going for a ride in the Bobcat with mommy and daddy

Poor Brute
was back at
the cabin

Baron, Noah and Tatum waiting patiently for dinner

She loves to drive...just not the Barbie jeep so much

Posing oh-so-cute on a rock for mama

Playing ball with Great Grandma Della
Corbin eating a "nana nana"

Ethan telling Tatum a really juicy secret

Corbin showing off his new found walking skills

Devin (aka Debin) blowing
bubbles for the camera

Tatum was terrified of the squirrel eating outside
The kids jumped while the guys played
Karin with new baby Owen
Hanging out on the back porch enjoying the
perfect weather

Baron tried to hitch a ride home with us
The herd of elk and deer that crossed in front of
us as we were leaving the neighborhood.
Tatum was SO excited, so we parked and watched
for a bit.