Sunday, October 26, 2008

Thrifty mom in training

So many of you know Daryl's job as a construction inspector on the light rail (the park & ride section) is ending in a few weeks and he has yet to find another job. He has been on my case to be better at finding deals (especially on grocery shopping). I'll be good for a while...price matching at Wal-Mart and clipping coupons (usually buying things I wasn't planning on just because I had a coupon). But I'm trying to make the valiant effort to really do something this time. I was watching Oprah on the dvr from the other day and they had ideas on saving. One lady has a website that has a ton of ideas and also this which we will definitely take advantage of (not to mention would be really good white elephant gifts). Since I am still a novice at this...I would love any additional advice such as good websites or how to know when they are having double and triple coupons (I've never done that before). I watched a lady on Oprah who should have spent about $175 and after all of her coupons her total was $37! I really have to get on board with this after seeing that. Also, a friend of mine knows about a plan where you only pay $1500 and get all the braces you need (her son was quoted over $7k for his). So off to clip coupons and do some more research on what I can really do to make a difference at the grocery store.

Pumpkin Patch Time!

On Sat we went out to Talmachoff Farms with the Gerdes'. It was VERY HOT out, but we still enjoyed the time there and I was able to get a few good shots of the kids. We were able to do a lot more than when we were in Flagstaff (extremely cold vs. just plain old hot). We picked out two medium pumpkins in the end. Stay tuned for Halloween pictures!
*note to self and others-don't wear crocs, Ugg type boots or semi dress wedges to a pumpkin patch...not fun ;P *

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Lucky Penny

The boy loves his change so much that he actually sleeps with it. I'll go to wash his hands and he's got a death grip in one hand and then I realize he's got some change in there lol. I'll pick him up from the gym and we'll stop by the hand sanitizer station on the way out and you have to pry his hand open to get him to wash his hands (not realizing he's had change in there the whole time). I try to wash it before I give it to him since we all know how clean money can be. He's got a strange obsession with it but it seems to be pretty comforting to him lately now since he hasn't had his binky since my old post a while back (his blanket hasn't really been something he's had to have either since his mimi).
Small update on Corbin: He's been coming a long way vocally. Every week he seems to really be talking more and more and because of that, he is throwing less tantrums since he can communicate better. He still has his "moments" and that's what makes him our little Brutus. We love our little buggy!

When we got home from my dad's birthday dinner tonight, Corbin found my pink house socks and put those on, then his crocs and then danced around the family room. I had to take a pic of it, then I realized he had a penny in his hand, so I figured it was time to take a picture and blog about that too.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Another trip up North

We ventured up to Flagstaff for the weekend to stay with my in-laws (we came home early on Monday). We had a fun time, although I had a pretty bad cold and the kids were still getting over one. The kids had tons of cousins to get to play with. We went to the Flagstaff fall festival on Sat. but because of the cold/windy weather, most of the activities were cancelled. It was absolutely freezing, but still fun. I am not a big coffee drinker, but Daryl's dad makes the most amazing coffee, so needless to say, I had a major caffeine buzz going the whole weekend lol.

I took the kids and visited my mom in Cottonwood on Sunday. She was completely surprised since she doesn't have a phone at the moment. We haven't seen her in about 5 months! We treated her to a yummy lunch and then the kids and I headed back up the mountain for another night at the Atkinson pad.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Trinity's Super Hero Party!!

Another one of Tatum's best friends had a birthday party. I remember when we first met Trin at the park. She wasn't even one yet (or walking like Tatum) and now she is 5. Man time flies.

Tatum & Jillian

Lois Lane and Super Boy (a.k.a. Jenn and Tristan)

When everyone left, the girls got to have some fun upstairs!

Xavier's 5th Birthday Party!!

We finally got to make Xavier's 5th birthday a few weeks ago. The past two years we've had to miss it because my dad's birthday dinner was planned at the same time his birthday was. I just wanted to share a few pics with you :)).

Corbin's favorite game at Peter Piper.

Occasionally I help Melissa out and pick Xavier up from school so they can play. Here they are having a racing competition (I just had to throw these in). :)

Seriously, what will they come out with next...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Vaccine Rant

So as you may remember from a previous post that I am not opposed to vaccines, I just want the "green" ones for my kids. So I decided to contact my current and previous pediatrician asking them if they used thermosal in their shots (specifically the MMR ones since I have not had his done...I thought I had, but when I checked in my records...oops...). Both said they did not special order. The current one I go to said theirs did in fact have Mercury in them, but they didn't think it was that big of a deal or posed that big of a threat, so they never special ordered any new ones and won't be doing so in the future. That completely appalled me that they would even think to say that to me or not do special orders. With all of the parents (and some professionals) believing Mercury may have caused problems in their kids, why should the rest of us risk it just to find out 10 years from now they were indeed right. I know the measles rate has gone up since many parents are afraid to vaccinate (or at least skip on the MMR), so you think that all doctors offices would start supplying their offices with them and even advertise that you can get them green. We wouldn't even be having to worry about the outbreaks if that happened. So I now have to find a new ped who special orders. Enough of my rant...