Saturday, September 22, 2007

Lake Havasu for Labor Day

The company that Daryl works for bought a company boat for all of the employees to use (he currently works where his brother Aaron works..just subcontracted out). So we hired a baby-sitter for Corbin and Regan and went out for Tatum's first boat trip with Aaron, Jen and Devin. We had a bit of boat trouble (the rope got caught underneath and we didn't have a knife to cut it), but the girls had fun entertaining themselves despite the fact. If anyone knows Tatum, they know that she is not much of a risk taker, but we were finally able to talk her into going on the banana boat with Daryl and I (I don't have a picture of it).

Saturday, September 1, 2007

It's almost been a week...

So tomorrow it will be a week since our sweet Sophie came into our lives. It has been a little trying since we haven't had a new dog in so long. She's peed on our carpet a few times, but are starting to fall into a routine of having her go outside to potty certain times of the day and that seems to be helping. She seems to be calming down as well and isn't as hyper as she was the day we first brought her home which is really refreshing. I have taught her how to sit using raw carrots as her treat for doing so (Bailey would have turned her nose up at that lol). We took her to the in-laws to go swimming today and she rides in the car like a champ. She jumps in the passenger side and sits down on the floor and falls asleep. It was like we didn't even have a dog in the car. Bailey would have been all over the place lol. Daryl also gave her face a little hair cut a few days ago since we didn't like the beard look on our little girl. It took like 5 months off of her and she looks more like a puppy and less "dirty" looking in the face. We'll probably have the groomers keep her fur short from now on since it's easier to comb through. I have not found one tiny hair anywhere from her. This dog is AWESOME! We also start private training with her next week and I can't wait to see how she'll respond to it.