Friday, October 15, 2010

Last Ultrasound (22.5 wks).

For the past week, I've been having several braxton hicks contractions several times an hour.  I had an appointment at the new office on Wed (I didn't get to see the O.B., just the P.A.) and told her about my contractions and although I'm not supposed to have anymore ultrasounds, she scheduled one for me today to check my cervix.  So really it was a win/win for me.  I went in today and she did the vaginal probe thingy and before she was done I told her a small fib that I wasn't sure about the sex of the baby. So when she was done she said, "well lets check things out then" and turned the screen towards me and put the other probe on my stomach.  Immediately you can see a fully formed labia, so there is no question.  Also, there is a profile picture of her with her shoulder/arm under her neck (looking like a growth).  She kept rubbing her eyes too..she seems so sweet already.  I can't believe how much bigger she's gotten in only a few weeks.  My stomach bumps and moves all the time.  I just really wish these contractions would stop.  I'm almost wondering if it has something to do with the elevation.  I started having them when we went down to Phx last weekend.  I also had some major swelling Sat. night, but since I've been back, nothing as far as the swelling goes.  Oh well, she looks healthy and that's all that matters right now.