Saturday, May 29, 2010

She's an official 1st grader...well in a few days.

A few weeks ago we attended Tatum's kindergarten graduation.  But because of the extra no school snow days we had this year, the school year has been extended out until next week.  The one nice thing I have to say about going to college and not actually having a job right now, is the way the school days work out, we are able to be there for the first day of school, graduation and a bunch of field trips towards the end of the year.  Since the kids are both sick right now and we are supposed to be in Cottonwood spending time with my mom and brother's family and now can't, this is what I am doing in the spare time I have in between cleaning up vomit, giving baths and washing laundry (again and again and again...).  I'm so exhausted I can't even being to explain.  Enjoy the pics though! :-)

Here is a very short video below..I was late videoing it because I didn't know that it was going to happen since it was right at the end...but it is the shortest one I have since all of the other videos are several mins. long and it would take forever to upload.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Summertime in Phoenix.

Over this past weekend, Daryl and I decided to go down to Phx to get away some.  Friday we stayed at the Point and went swimming (we were literally wearing a jacket when we left Flag and were in flip flops and shorts by the time we got to Phx..what a shock to the system).  They had closed the main pool for the time we were there and could swim, so that was a little disappointing (they had closed it for a private party), but we still had a great time at the small pool by our casita.  Jeremy and Becki came and so did Ryan and Christine's family to hang out for a little bit.  Then Sat. Daryl went golfing with my brother and Ryan while I ran errands and visited some old friends with the kids (and not to mention, the kids and I got our fix on at chick-fil-a which we don't have in Flag.) as well as a Toys R' Us where I was able to find some clearanced out Astro Boy toys for Corbin (he is absolutely infatuated with Astro Boy).  Sat. night Ryan and Christine let us stay over and had a small BBQ with a few friends along with my brother and his family.  We had an excellent time and can't wait to do it again.  Although I did like coming back to the cooler Flag. weather again even though our tans will fade within a few days now that we are back in long sleeves again. :-)
She still remembered how to swim.My dad came the following morning and took us out to breakfast at the hotel.

We met up with the Lamm girls for some lunch and some girl time (we first met them at our old gym in Litchfield Park a few years ago and was really nice getting to catch up although they are now moving to Texas). :-(

Corbin and cousin Everett had so much fun at Ryan and Christine's house (the boys both had T-Rex's on their shirts..too funny.

Tatum also had a blast hanging out with some of her old friends (Brooklyn, Jillian, Payson and Kennadi).My youngest nephew (my brother's boy), Samuel.

Monday, May 3, 2010


Well it's not like I'm that excited to turn 31..but I did have a fun birthday weekend.  On Sat. day, we went for a family hike and then Sat. night some of my new friends up here (my daughter is friends with their daughters) took me out downtown and covered everything.  It is so nice to have good conversation and company which I long for at times when I'm so wrapped up in school and the kids.  31 will be a great year!!