Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Boy!

I know this is a little overdue. On the actual day of Corbin's birthday (a week after his party), we celebrated again. We sang Happy Birthday again (which he LOVED), ate ice cream cake and since we just had Christmas and a party recently, we didn't find it necessary to splurge on a bunch of presents. We did however buy him a few things which would have definitely been on his wish list had he had one. This present (for instance) he's been wanting since he was two. He LOVES it. We also made him wait to open up the other presents every couple of hours so he could really enjoy each one and it helped really make his birthday last all day. I do this with both of the kids and they really enjoy it.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

You can FINALLY say you're 4 Corbin...well in a week..

For about a year now, if someone asks Corbin how old he is, he says, "Four". Now it can finally be official (well as of next Sunday, the 10th). We decided to throw a small (and I mean small) birthday party for Corbin while my brother was up this weekend. We also invited Ben and Emily and Corbin's really good friend from Acorn Preschool, Cydnie (he would only play with her). We could have done it next weekend, but it was nice because Daryl and I can both get ready for school (which will begin again the following Monday) and not have to focus on throwing a birthday party for him that weekend. Peter Piper didn't start to get "crazy busy" until we were about to leave which was really nice. He really enjoyed himself which is all that matters. It was also very low stress for the parents (which has not always been the case in the past).

Corbin w/ Cydnie. Tatum also got to have a friend come (Ben is her brother).

Ben, Corbin and Cydnie (his favorite Flag. buds).

Karina even joined us.

Opening up some presents.
Digging into their goodie bags.

Weekend with my brother's family

This is the first time my brother Dan and his family have been up to see us. We had so much fun hanging out and the kids had a ball sledding on the side of the house together. Corbin and my nephew Samuel definitely have a special bond and I can't wait to watch it grow as the years go on.