Monday, April 20, 2009

Fun with the Flores family at Whoopee Daze!

We went to the Whoopee Daze festival with Melissa and her family over the weekend. We had an AWESOME time together. It was really hot that day and we all got a little more fried than we planned on (yes, we did wear sunscreen). They had super yummy food at really good prices. We bought the family packet of tickets and soon realized we wouldn't be able to ride most of the rides because of how hot it was. Later in the day and after several $1 french fries/nachos later, we were finally able to ride. The kids kept going around to all of the booths getting free things. It was like trick-or-treating all over again. They even got demo cell phones. Tatum now has the same exact phone as me in orange lol.

Friday, April 17, 2009

So Fun!

One of Tatum's really good friends from the school she used to go to invited her to her birthday party at Goodyear Park. Tatum was super excited to see all of her old classmates. When the four of us (well 5 of us since Marley came with) showed up at the park, Magdee (birthday girl) and Allie just ran to her with open arms screaming, "Tatum". It made my heart melt. Then more girls started showing up and it turned into one big reunion for Tatum. The girls had so much fun together. They pretty much picked up where they left off. It makes me a little sad she couldn't continue with her preschool class due to finances, but she's so easy going and makes friends so easily that she won't have a problem in kindergarten know matter which school she goes to. I love that about her!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Goodyear Fire Dept Field Trip

Corbin's class had a field trip to the Goodyear Fire Dept and then next door to Goodyear Park. The kids had an absolute blast on the tour (although you can hardly tell it from the expressions on Corbin's face lol).

Of course the boys loved the foosball table.

Tatum wanted me to snap this of her being "brave" :).

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Poor Marley May :(

Okay, so I told you how I caught step throat from Corbin (I was a day behind) and how much of a mess we both were..well in the midst of that all, Marley started acting really weird last Wed. She was extremely lethargic and weak. She wasn't eating or wanting to play. She was surprisingly calm which is not her. So finally after a few days of that, I told Daryl he really needed to take her in since she was such a mess and I would hate to go the weekend and not have her treated (even though Corbin and I didn't go to the doctor..but you know..). She lost 4 lbs and was extremely dehydrated, so they gave her fluids under her back, pain pills and some joint care chews. Then she had an x-ray to see if she ate something. Nada! But what we did get to learn was she has bi-lateral hip dysplasia (lovely) and it is genetic since she is so young. So then they drew blood which we had to wait until Monday to find out (she was also running a fever)..oh and a lovely bill of $350 which isn't fun when neither one of us is working (other than my very, very pt job doing respite). They were really thinking Valley Fever, but weren't sure. I called the surgeon to find out what the quote would be and they told us anywhere from $6500-$12,000 for both depending on the severity. So then we starting thinking maybe we needed to find her a good home who could afford to do that for her (since we were thinking her hips were done at that point since she couldn't move). I just bawled because we were so attached. I called her breeder since they had a health guarantee for her and (of course) never returned our call. I just couldn't believe we were even having a discussion like this.
Friday night she was too weak to even get up and wasn't eating any of the wet food or treats we were throwing her way. So I put wet dog food in my hands and literally hand fed her and she ate it all up. My heart just burst with joy because she was finally eating. By Sat, you couldn't even pet her head and she would just yelp in pain. We went to my dads for the Egg Hunt and I felt so guilty leaving her..I seriously thought we'd come home to a dead dog. Sunday morning she woke up and was eating, jumping around, trying to steal food from the kids and acting completely normal. Then Monday comes, she's exactly the same way. We get the blood results back and I go in to speak to the vet (whom I absolutely adore..he is so AWESOME), and he tells me her white blood count was very high meaning they were working in overdrive to get rid of a really bad infection. He said she definitely ate something like a frog or a lizard that didn't agree with her and didn't need antibiotics at that point since she was normal. I could pull her off the pain meds, but she would need joint medicine the rest of her life if we wanted to slow the progression of this. So of course we are keeping her and will give her supplements, but probably not the surgery :(. This whole thing has calmed her down some for some reason. We love her so much and are so happy she will be apart of our family for years to come!

Easter at the Martinez-Prefontaine household.

Easter morning, Daryl made his famous lemon waffles and the kids had their Easter baskets. Corbin loved his new helmet and roller skates (although he can only wear them in the grass).

Later that day we went to Dan and Theresa's for another egg hunt and some lunch with some of her family. Notice the difference in clothes from the day before, I guess that's AZ weather for ya!

Happy Easter (and Happy Passover to our Jewish friends)!!

Corbin and I had a nasty case of strep throat last week (starting Tues through about Friday). On Friday I decided we could decorate eggs (although I was still a mess). Luckily, Tatum and Daryl never caught it from us. It was probably the worst step throat I've ever painful and achy..The kids had a blast decorating though :).

On Sat. we went out to my dad's and over to Park Place for the annual Easter Egg Hunt. Now when I say annual, I mean they've been doing it for the past 30 years and this was our 1st year doing it. We grew up every other weekend with my dad and Kay and would frequent Park Place on the weekends and go swimming. Never once did we do this. We gave our dad hell for never finding out about this back when we were kids lol.

It was very cold and rainy that day for some unusual reason. So the kids dressed for the occasion. Corbin was not impressed with the Easter Bunny (although he does like to sit on Santa's lap). There was not a very big show of kids because of the rain, so the kids just went crazy finding eggs (although they were pretty visible since they couldn't hide them in the grass area because of the mud and mess) by the pool area. They gave each of the kids a ticket to pick out a toy and one for a stuffed animal. Plus, people brought homemade cookies and had punch. Why doesn't our HOA put on something like this for how much we pay for it?!! Dan, Theresa, Ev and Sammy also came. It was like having Easter two days in a row!

Umm..yeah..this makes a lot of sense...

*Jenn, it's been storing in our garage for forever (well now in our backyard since last week) and we will give it back to day lol. No really..I will give it back to you :)).*

Saturday, April 4, 2009

My nephew Sam!

He pretty much was like this the entire time until my children wanted to take turns holding him. It was like we hit the cry switch on. He's doing really well. Theresa thinks he's going to be much bigger/taller than Everett.
I just wanted to update a few pictures on here while I got a quick chance. We've been doing nothing but spring cleaning/organizing the past several days that this is my break from it :).

Oh, if you notice on Corbin's left eye, it's black and blue with a small gash on it. He was going poopy on the potty and he slipped off the toilet and smacked his head on the tub. I wasn't in the room, but I asked him what happened and he said, "eye ouchie on the tubby". Poor kid!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Baby and Children's clothes/shoes FOR SALE!!!

I have FINALLY decided to sell the kids clothes I've been saving. We are still WAY UP in the air on having another child but could really use the extra money at this point due to our financial situation. I had a garage sale with my sister in law a while back and did really well on my old clothes. The kids clothes are much better than mine (lol), so I know they'll go quick. I'm just giving everyone the opportunity on first dibs before they go at the garage sale we'll be having in about 3 weeks (or sell on craigslist). Honestly, I wouldn't be selling them if we were in a pinch and would be either keeping them or giving them away to family/friends.

What I have:

Girl: 3T-4T (summer and winter)
Boy: newborn-2T (summer and winter)

I also have bibs, shoes, jackets, snow jackets and a few other baby items I still need to go through.

Smoke free home and also free of pet hair. Brands include: Oilily, Old Navy, Gap, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, OshKosh, Carter's, Children's Place and the list goes on. Some even still have tags on them *cringe*.

Many of you who know me, know I am finicky about stains, so my kids always wore (and still do) bibs when they eat messy foods, so they won't be covered in stains.

I'm available anytime. They are all washed and sitting in large trash bags right now. Discounts if you buy in bulk. I am pricing them really cheap since they need to go and also just put an ad up on craigslist. I am selling them around $3 an item (maybe a little more/less depending on item/brand). I can be pretty negotiable though :).

Call me or you can e-mail me privately at

Thanks guys!!!

Note: There are more boy than girl clothes since I did give away some of Tatum's things a while back.