Wednesday, June 23, 2010


**UPDATE~I had someone comment as to why I was put on 400 mgs of prometrium right away..I really should have elaborated that my first two preg. ended in miscarriages due to low progesterone and my last two preg. (which resulted in my daughter and son), I took the meds for the first trimester.

So this is about as long as I could handle it.  I've told a few select few, but other than that, I was officially waiting for my first ultrasound to tell.  This was our first "not planned" pregnancy, but in our minds, we always knew we would have three.  It must have been God's timing, so we are going to go with that.  So a few weeks ago I had started feeling really tired and just had that feeling, so on the way home from class one day, I stopped and bought a two pack and went straight down to the basement to pee.  Sure enough, two dark lines showed up right away.  I called my old obstetrician down in Paradise Valley (who delivered my previous two) and he put me on 400 mgs of prometrium right away (progesterone).  $230 bucks a month for two months which isn't fun and it makes me super dizzy in the morning and at night leaving me unable to concentrate or study for my anatomy and physiology class (which was fast paced and also taught by a first time instructor..really not a good combination).  So after failing my last two tests and crying over the stress of it all..I decided to withdraw (which is really not my cup of tea)..but I'm so glad now.  The only reason I was taking this course was to be able to get into the nursing program much faster (in the Spring)..obviously not going to happen I can relax..some.  I'll still continue taking classes (I'll have my associates in the fall..unfortunately those course won't go towards my nuring pre and corequesites).  Eventually, I will get there.
So as much as I LOVE my old obstetrician, I knew it wasn't feasible to drive down to the valley in the snow every week towards the end of my preg., so I had to find someone new.  Given that we are in Flagstaff..the pickins are pretty slim.  I found someone who has been doing this a while and specializes in high risk pregnancies.  I went in and saw him today (oh yay..I've already gained 4 freakin' pounds!) and expected the ultrasound to go a little like Dr. DeSanto's would have, but no.  Very fast and I asked to hear the heart beat (like I did with my other two at 6 wks) and he said his machine didn't do that (it looked exactly like Dr. D's).  He wouldn't even measure the baby until I asked him to and it measured at 6 wks, 2 right on schedule.  Then I had to ask him to check around for another sac, check my ovaries, check for any bleeds, etc..etc..(he kept trying to hurry through the ultrasound..really not cool).  The heartbeat was sooo fast.  He said 160.  Tatum's was always that high and Corbin's was more like 120 in the beginning.  I'm really thinking girl since I've been a little more queasy with this one.  No throwing up which is good.  The new doc went on to say he'd deliver me a week early by c-section (so Feb 6th, 2011) and I'd get another ultrasound in 3 wks.  Then he went on to say that the prometrium my old ob put me on was a joke.  He's kind of a know-it-all and has the driest..and I mean driest personality.  It's like talking to a brick wall.  But I do feel in my heart he will be great at my c-section.  I just wish his bedside manners were a little friendlier.  Not that Dr. D (my old ob) wasn't dry, but the ultrasounds were always super fun as well as the appointments.  He was always very excited for me.  Maybe since I don't know this doc yet, it's different.  I just can't believe we are going to have our family completed soon.  Financially we may be struggling some..but really, it will only be for the next few years.  We can still put three kids through college one day. :-)
The baby is in between the two x's and the yolk sac is on the side.  The dark spot is the amniotic fluid (sac).

If you look closely at the can see the fast little flicker of baby Thumbelina's heart beat (Tatum already named her). 

Shultz Pass Fire on Father's Day

What a week last week as far as fires goes (we had 3 fires going by Father's Day). On Father's Day, we  decided to go out and try the Lava Tubes with the kids and I look to my left (as we are about to leave the neighborhood) by the mountain that is nearby us and it looks like an explosion of smoke.  I then ask Daryl if that was the one downtown that started the day before..he just looked at me in disbelief (obviously it wasn' was fire number 4).  So we go and explore it (this was at 1pm).  Apparently, another fire had broken out at 11am by some campers who didn't put out there fire and the winds were just out of control and really got it going.  It is now 4 days later and the fire is finally 10% contained, but still going.  We had neighbors knocking on our door telling us to pack our necessities because we'll probably get evacuated it was that bad.  Later that night we went across to Baderville with some of our neighbors and looked on top of the mountain with telescopes and could really see the flames going.  I have some more pictures on my camera of that, but haven't had a chance to download them.
Site from Flagstaff Medical Center.
In our neighborhood.
On the other side of the mountain.  The smoke was pretty heavy.

They blocked off the street because of the fire and smoke.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So I'm trying out Swagbucks :)

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