Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Prefontaine Family Reunion

This past weekend we spent a fun filled weekend in Snowflake, Az. My cousin and her family lives up there and invited everyone from my moms side to stay with them. That being said, there were 10 kids and 13 adults! We had an absolute blast. The weather was amazing and I even had the kids in jackets on Sat. evening since it was getting so cold. We walked to a parade, played at their county fair, went on a few walks, played with the family outside (no one fought once which was really cool), and Tatum slept in Cora's bunk-bed like a big girl (well one night). We were supposed to see fireworks on Friday night, but they were cancelled due to a baseball game and then moved to Sat right after a rodeo and a concert. It rained really bad that night, so we decided we didn't want to venture out into the weather like that for any of the events. Fireworks did go off at about 11:30 which was really late to walk over and see, but we could see them from Cameo's front porch. It woke up Corbin and Daryl ran upstairs to get Tatum so she could still see them (she barely remembers it). Corbin was pretty amazed at the show and he went right back to bed after it ended. The town of Snowflake made you feel like you were in Pleasantville, since everyone was so nice and family oriented. There is really no crime there. My cousin doesn't even lock her door and you can leave the stroller on the front porch and not worry about someone stealing it. Daryl and I are really ready for a small town (that rains) after being here.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Babble Boy!


Corbin celebrates his 18 month of being here on earth tomorrow (not including the months in my belly). He has really developed into such an amazing little guy (literally speaking since he's still right at 21 lbs!). He has gone from not speaking (well he knows about 5 words) to sentences. My mom told me he was saying several different things when she watched him for that weekend. I thought, well she's just being nice and maybe is trying to make me feel better. Well Daryl and I made pot stickers the other night and he walked over to us and said, "Uh wanna taste". We were floored. Since then he has said tons of other things. For instance, "Uh whan bfast (I want breakfast)" "I whan sissy (I want sissy)", "thank a (thank you)", and several other things. He's really starting to mimic things that people say and do. He still only has 2 teeth, but eats just about everything from steak to grapes. I used to freak out about stuff like that, but at this point, he's been gumming that stuff for so long now, that he's gotten quite good at the art of not choking. He's also becoming quite the little dancer. Anytime music comes on he dances. Not just your typical dancing, but full on ballet, crumping, rocking out, etc..etc.. (it depends on the music). He was watching Bella Ballerina with Tatum the other day and has mastered the art of dancing on his tippy toes and twirling around. Tatum liked to dance when she was a baby (and still does). But I have to say that I think her brother is better. Music is his therapy and if he is in a bad mood, I blast the music and off he dances. He also is really good at throwing things. He's in love with anything that's round and he loves talking on the phone. He climbs on anything that he sees which is scary since I've found him on Tatum's dresser and almost on our kitchen table. He tried climbing on our gas range once (while it was going), but Daryl caught him in time. He definitely has no fear (which is completely opposite from sister). He will definitely be keeping us on our toes for years to come!
So we just had his 18 month well check today and I need to get him on Pediasure ASAP because he is still 20 lbs (not 21 like I was thinking). He's in the 2% for weight (dropping from the 5%). He really hasn't grown that much either dropping from the 59% to the 27% for height), so now I have to go through a series of thyroid tests and bring him back to check his weight. Also, when we were at the ped's, he was laying down on the table and I noticed something white in his mouth. The dude's got molars!! One on each side (on his upper side). So now he's got his two bottom teeth and his two upper molars. My ped said not to worry about it, but I still find it a bit strange lol. I just really need to focus on pushing the calories (although he eats about as much as his daddy).

It's been 10 years already!!

Man does time ever fly. Daryl and I just celebrated our 10 year high school reunion from Washington High. It was even more fun than we thought it was going to be. It was really good to see everyone (although thanks to Myspace, there weren't too many surprises). It was also really nice that since we both went to the same high school and had the same friends, we could mingle with everyone and not have to drag each other around both nights. The first night was celebrated at Devil's Martini North (hence the name) and the second night was at the Sheraton Crescent (where we had our Senior prom). Although Daryl wasn't my date to the prom, it was really nice that I could bring him there as my date this time around. My mom was a huge help that weekend and watched the kids for us and kept up on the house while we were busy doing
reunion stuff all weekend (not to mention recuperating in between
nights ;oP). It actually brought us closer knowing that we could have ended up with someone else and were soooo glad that we ended up with each other. Can't wait for the 20th!!