Saturday, November 29, 2008

Boo-Boo Buddy

So for some crazy reason, Daryl and I decided to pack up the kids and head over to Anthem Outlets to do some Black Friday shopping. Corbin really does not like riding in his stroller lately, but I still bring it to places such as the mall for obvious reasons. So he's walking along in Naartjie and he's wearing his a little excited like little boys can when they are in a new store and tripped and landed on one of the wooden display tables. The edges were lined in metal and as you can see didn't make him bleed, but definitely did some damage. I have never seen him cry that way. As I'm lifting him and holding him to me, his whole body is practically convulsing from the pain. He was shaking and kicking his legs against me trying to get his cry out because of the pain, but the pain was so bad at first it practically took his breath away. I immediately remembered that I had packed ice packs for the frozen grapes I'd brought (thank God). The lady from the store brought me a paper towel to wrap it in and all I can yell out is, "lollipop..does anyone have a lollipop?" That immediately was the savior at the moment and the tears were gone as soon as he got one. Why does candy work like that?? The back of his ear is much worse and we are hoping it won't get worse so he won't have to have it drained like the boxer guys who have cauliflower ears. What a terrifying experience for my little guy. At least he didn't slice it on top of bruising it. I couldn't imagine him having to get stitches on top of his bruised ear like that :(.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Shnooze and Daddy-o!

This won't be a long post, but I just wanted to post a few pictures from the past. As I type this I try not to get choked up about her turning five. That is a huge milestone.

We wanted her so bad and prayed so hard for her. We were so blessed to have such a happy and healthy baby girl. What a wonderful birthday present for Daryl! She was an amazing baby and we couldn't have asked for anyone better. We love you Tatum. Happy birthday Shnoozy Pants!

1st birthday party

2nd birthday party
3rd birthday (no party)

4th birthday party
Almost 5 here!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tatum's crazy/fun 5th birthday party!

I know I insisted last year that that would be her last big hurrah for a really long time, but I just couldn't help it this year. She's turning 5 and that is a really huge milestone and deserves a really huge party and that is exactly what she got. We won't be doing another party like this until maybe the age of 10 (maybe a semi-sleepover or something like that in the future, but nothing like this for awhile). We invited all of her friends from her preschool class (cause that is what you are supposed to do I learned) and only a few didn't show, but her close friends did make it which was perfect. We had 3 girls from our gym (two whom go to our church), old/new friends, a few cousins, our parents, grandparents...there were a ton of people. At times I was quite overwhelmed, but as I looked around at the parents and children whose reassuring smiles assured me that it was really a great party, helped me to relax so I could keep my focus on enjoying the party with my family and not worry too much about what people were thinking and if I was attending to their needs enough. It can be truly overwhelming to accommodate that many bodies at your home at one time and you do what you can and hope people can understand. All in all, it turned out amazing and went pretty smoothly. There were a few bumps and bruises along the way (which is to be expected with that many children). Daryl made a "Tatum Pinata" with Tatum and it took several whacks to get it to finally open (which is good since there were so many kids who needed a turn). I was pretty skeptical at first at the thought of a pinata of our daughter seemed a little creepy, but it was the coolest one I've seen so far. She was very proud of it.

Hanging out with the Gerdes' and my parents as well as Daryl's parents before everyone came.

With Omar, Melissa (my childhood friend from kindergarten), my brother (holding Mickey Gerdes) and his family.

The Hydeman's, Jennifer and Stephanie with her daughter Marianna.
Nadia (my childhood friend from kindergarten) w/her husband, Michael and Savannah.

Me with my kick-butt aerobics instructor Stephanie (love her).
With Tatum and Trinity (I wish this would have turned out better..damn lighting and not to mention half my pictures were taken in the wrong mode so a ton came out blurred or funny looking).

Talitha, Daryl's parents, my dad and Kay and my Aunt Marcia.
The bouncer wasn't working for about half of the party due to a faulty cord...kind-of a disaster...

Angie (with baby Madison inside) and my sister-in-law, Theresa (with my nephew or niece inside).

We decided it was pinata time until the jumper got fixed (so glad Daryl through this together last minute).

Cake Time! Tatum really wanted a "store bought" cake this year instead of my usual homemade cake or cupcakes (I'll probably still bake her a "real" one on Wed (her actual birthday).

My awesome sister-in-laws helped me dish out the cake and ice cream to everyone.

Presents were a little disastrous, but I think I finally figured out (with maybe one or two exceptions) who brought what. It started with one child who brought a gift wanting her to open up theirs as they left and then the chaos followed shortly with other children throwing gifts Tatum's way even before she was finished with each one. I jumped in 6 gifts in (once I realized what was happening) trying to put each gift with what card and slow her down so she could take her time and really thank each child for the gifts they brought.

So after gifts it was time to wind down. Probably my favorite part of the party considering I had been planning this thing for weeks and had been up to 1:30 that morning finishing up.

About 5 moms stayed much later than everyone else which was perfect so the girls could really play and have some "girl time" in Tatum's room. I enjoyed getting to sit down and have "girl time" as well with the adults :).

A few mins after this was taken, he went down for a nap. He was so done.
Taneah, Tatum and Mia (they get along so well and have so much fun in class together).

Hanging out in Tatum's room having some fun (Taneah, Mia, Morgan, Tatum and Rowan...Morgan and Rowan are super good friends at the gym.

Rowan and Tatum. Nicole and I'm not sure which twin this is ;P.

After the last person left, we finally got to attack the cotton candy (Tatum held it, she doesn't like it and neither does Corbin for some reason).

Tatum is truly blessed to have so many friends who love her and wanted to come and help her celebrate with her at her party. I want to thank all of you who came and helped celebrate. She had an amazing time. I only let her open up two presents yesterday and she got one today. Because I want her to truly enjoy each one (which she really does). We are going to go through her old toys and take them to a shelter to donate to children in need before Christmas which will be really good for her.

I loved it when the presents were done and Rowan went over to Tatum and asked her if she liked her gift and Tatum said, "'s just what I have been praying for". I thought that was very sweet.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Carnival/Party Time!

On Friday night we went to Trinity's annual fall carnival with the Flores family. We had a ton of fun although Daryl was starting to feel under the weather, but at least he was good enough to come. Each class had a booth and the kids had tickets and won prizes and bounced in the bouncers (not to mention, ate way too much junk). Sunday, one of Tatum's friends from school (Mia) had a birthday party. So Tatum and I went (Daryl was still feeling under the weather). Tatum has a fun class of girls. They all get along really well and I was glad I was able to get a few good pictures.