Friday, June 15, 2007

Out of the mouth of Tatum...

I really need to start keeping track of some of the cute things that come out of that girls mouth.

We were at dance class yesterday and the girls were at the ballet bar.

Teacher Kristy-"Now swoop your arm to the side as if you are tossing flowers to a crowd" (the mirror was on the other side).

Tatum-"I'll just throw them to the mirror"

Everyone exploded in laughter.
Last week Daryl was telling Tatum that when she gets a little taller she can go play golf with him at the course. So today I was rearranging the furniture in our family room and she stood on our subwoofer and said, "Look mommy, I'm tall enough to go and play golf with daddy now". Ah, if only that's how it really worked :p.
We were visiting a friends house and I was trying to get the gate to work so Corbin wouldn't try and go down the stairs and Tatum saw me struggling and went over to my friend and said, "Um, Xandi needs help with the gate". Gotta love it!!

In the picture above, she is holding one of my favorite dolls as a child. My dad had given it to me for my 9th birthday and I remember going to Toys "R" Us and picking it out. She plays with her non-stop and even named her "Enya Punia" (notice the hair-do..Tatum did it herself and wanted me to take a picture of her hairstyle and her baby).

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Head Banging

I'm sure I've told a few of you, but ever since I can remember, Corbin likes to bang his head to sleep. He usually gets into position and sits down in his crib and bangs. Eventually he will be laying down banging the front of us head on his mattress until he slows down and eventually passes out (this usually only last about 4-5 mins). In the morning or after a nap I will find him with his legs sticking out of the crib bars banging his forehead on them. I've done some reading up on it and they say that it can be perfectly normal just as some children find comfort in sucking their thumb or rocking back and fourth. He has never been the type of child that liked to be rocked to sleep or cuddled for more than a min. He just pushes you away and tries to escape. Right now he has a little bruise on his forehead which he probably got from the head banging...poor little dude :(. I'm so tempted to pad the crib with pillows, but he's so strong, he'd probably pull them out of his crib.

Directions home

Tatum has now started a new game of giving me directions home. She started doing this about a month ago and at first she would do it when we were right around the block from our house. Now we'll be on Camelback and Dysart and she'll say, "right at the light" and then she'll say, "ok now left" (and so on). I'm really glad we play this little game. It's just nice knowing if she ever (God forbid) wandered off, she could find her way home. We've been working on our phone number, but she is still having some difficulty with that.