Thursday, January 17, 2008

Birthday Bug

So Corbin turned two on the 10th. I still can't believe he's two! His vocabulary has grown tremendously and he is just a smart little dude. He loves to wear sissy's shoes and do ballet with her. He's so funny..he'll be walking down the hall in sissy's ballet shoes kicking a ball. I'll give more updates another day..I just wanted to post some pictures before I forgot :).

And no we did not have a birthday party for him this year. I'm still not sure if we are going to keep doing one for each kid each year just because of all of the other stuff going on with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years..just too crazy. My brother was curious why he wasn't invited to his party after seeing the pictures and I had to tell him that we didn't have a party. Just the 4 of us this year. So I just wanted to pass that on to you all so none of you felt left out. Also, this has probably been one of the worst winters for our family for colds thus far. It hit hard the day after Christmas and has been going strong ever since. We just keep passing that crap back and fourth to one another. Already looking forward to summer so we can kick the boogers around here.

Christmas Time!!

This is our favorite time of year. I love how our cull-de-sac participates in lights (well two houses don't now do to their religious beliefs..but still..). I love having the tree lit all day (it's fake) and wrapping presents to put under the tree. We went up to Flagstaff the weekend before for sledding and family time at Daryl's parents house. This is the first year where I had everyone over for Christmas. I had pretty much a day and a half to prep for Christmas, but everything went off without a hitch. I'm already excited for next year :)))).

Monday, January 7, 2008

Wise girl ways

I just wanted to post something really cute that happened this morning. I was in the family room with Corbin and he was playing with Tatum's play phone (the vintage fisher price one I found on e-bay) and she looked at me and said, "I'm going to act interested in the guitar and then he will want to play with that and then I can play with the phone." He was immediately interested in the guitar (even though the batteries were dead). I had taught her a while ago that he will always be more interested in something she is interested in. It worked like a charm and he could care less about the phone. There was no fighting for once and hopefully she can keep up this new "big girl" attitude.
**Christmas pictures to come :))**