Sunday, August 29, 2010

School Days!

Last Monday the kids started school back up again.  Tatum is now in 1st grade in Mrs. Treadway's class.  She is amazing and has set the bar really high for her 2nd grade teacher.  I'm happy to see that none of the programs have been cut (they did add computers to's just not on the schedule).  Corbin started going to Mount Calvary across the street.  He'll be going Mon, Wed and Friday mornings and on Monday, he will start back with Sechrist with their preschool program so he can still receive therapies (esp. for speech).  He'll be going Mon-Wed afternoons.  Daryl and I both start school again on Monday as well.  So our schedules will be a little hectic for awhile.  This will be my last semester for awhile so I can be home with the baby and do the mommy thing when she/he comes in early Feb..  Eventually I'll go back (but it will be a slow process now that things have changed).  I'm really not in a hurry..we just need to focus on Daryl finishing up with school.  Daryl has also been busy working for his brother's company on the weekends as well as painting and doing handy-man type jobs for people here and there and it's worked out really well so far. 

Slide Rock!

A few weeks ago, we decided to take the kids swimming at Slide Rock.  Things were great until I was walking in the shallow part with them and slide on a slimy rock and it knocked me right on my belly.  I couldn't believe I didn't even try to put my hands out or bend my knees..but it happened so fast it was out of my control.  So my family continued to have fun while I stayed out on the beach towel above watching and taking pictures.  The baby (as far as I know it) is fine.  I feel some movement and had bought a doppler awhile back, so I was able to find the heartbeat when I got home.  I "officially" find out if the baby is still a girl on Tues.  I will keep you updated on that one. :)))

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Finally some swim time!

My dad hired Daryl last week to come and paint his whole house (we could seriously use the extra money right it worked out perfect).  The weather was horrible since it is Aug in Phx (my van read 112 degrees..poor Daryl).  My dad's neighborhood has a community pool that I used to swim at back when I was little like the kids..pretty nostalgic if you ask me.
(My dad tossing the kids in the air)

While we were down, I tried to visit people I hadn't seen the last time around we were in Phx (other than Melissa since she watched my kids for me on Thurs while I got my ultrasound).  One of those places was my brother and his wife, Theresa's new place.  I am so jealous they have their "own" place with a pool.  Such a great house and they have already done a ton of work to it.  The kids just love playing with their cousins (did I mention...a third boy on the way for them..poor Theresa).  After that trip, I pretty much parked myself in Mesa for the next few days and refused to drive anywhere far because just the thought of it made me sick since it was so hot out (I am definitely accustomed to the 60-70 degree weather Flagstaff has to offer in the summer).  So to those of you reading this wondering why you never got a call..that is why.  Definitely next time though. :)

Some randoms over the past month..month and a half.

My kids love boxes in the they went to town when Tatum's new car seat..oops..I mean big girl booster type seat (lol) came in the mail.  Ever since I have found out I was pregnant..Tatum has been into dolls for the first time since she was one.  She made this carrier and carries one of my old dolls around in it.  There's a few of her friend Emily's birthday party and then I snapped a picture of Corbin at the Cats and Dogs 3D movie we went to over the weekend.  Okay..I'm done for awhile.  Hopefully I'll have some pics of myself and my growing waste line to post..although I'm mostly in the "fat" looking stage of my pregnancy rather than a smooth, round bump stage..more like several bumps of goodness going on ha ha.  But hopefully by the time school start in three weeks I will look pregnant. :-D

Pioneer Days in Snowflake, AZ.

My aunt has much better pictures and hopefully I can add those later...
This is the 2nd time we attended this.  We stayed at the Johnson residence again (my cousins house) and just had a really good time.  They do a celebration on July 25th every year to celebrate when the town was first founded.  They do a parade, arts and crafts fair with bounce houses (it was no pictures), quilt show, rodeo (in the rain) and some fireworks.  Daryl ran some sort of a half marathon early that morning.  Snowflake is a picture perfect town.  Seriously, it's like walking through that movie Pleasantville.  So here are a few pics I took..really not my best work since I was having more fun eating and gabbing with my know how that goes sometimes. :)

From the eyes of Corbin...

I found these on my camera the other day.  Corbin did a photoshoot of his sister.  Not the best quality, but still cute!

Stay tuned...

In three weeks, I will "officially" be finding out the baby's sex.  I went to the ob today and everything looked great.  Heart beat was strong and loud (169-171 range).  He told me to come back in three weeks and we'll take a peak.  I am so excited to start shopping the sales!!! 

Sunday, August 8, 2010

12 1/2 wk scan.

Since we just happened to have a Mesa trip planned so Daryl could paint my dads whole house for some extra money..I went ahead and planned for the 12 wk scan to check the baby's health (among other things).  I am most definitely pro-life and would never abort, but any chance to get to peak at our baby is always fun.  The tech checked the baby out and checked the nucal fold and everything measured healthy (if it's extra thick..2.5 mm or more, there is a higher probability for Down's).  Then I just had to ask (like with Corbin at his 12 wk scan) what the sex was.  I've been doing some research on the "nub" theory.  Basically, when I fetus is this early, they both still have nubs.  But, if it is a boy, it will stick up at a 30 degree angle and if it is a girl, it will lay down at a 30 degree angle.  Once the baby finally started to unfold it's legs and we got a good sagittal view of the baby (not pictured here with the nub unfortunately)....
I immediately saw the nub laying flat at a 30 degree angle.  The tech wasn't saying anything and kept looking at the different angles and finally said she'd put her money on Girl!  The heart rate was still 162 (which Tatum's was always at..Corbin's was always around the 140 range at the most).  So I'm not buying any pink yet, since there's still a chance she could be a he.  But I will definitely keep you updated.  I'm just happy for a healthy baby with two arms and two legs.  Tatum will be thrilled for a sister and I know Corbin would love a brother to wrestle around either way..we are thrilled!!