Thursday, February 25, 2010

Melting Winter

The day has finally come for this much anticipated event, Tatum's first Science Fair and boy did we work hard on it.

Tatum's 6th grade buddy. She is so good with Tatum.
About 20 of the other classrooms had different stations set up for us to go around and try different Science experiments (obviously I stopped snapping after the first two rooms, but you get the point). :)


and POP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doing a Chemistry experiment with baking soda, H2O, orange juice, vinegar and lemon juice. They got to see what reactions happened.

Both were thrilled and
while Tatum documented the results, Corbin looked bored to death. ;oD
Overall, it was a fun family night out.
I have been so busy making sure Tatum gets her reading, homework and projects done (cookie selling, poster making etc..etc...updating this blog ha ha...), that I'm starting to neglect my own schoolwork some (believe me, not like one of the fresh out of high school kids who do, but more like the leaving it to the last min. kind-of stuff). I have to say, going back to school while having kids is one of the hardest thing to do once you decide to do it (and continue to be a good mom/wife). I've asked Tatum what she wants to be when she grows up and she said a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) and that's it. Her reasons for it are that she can watch t.v. late that are "parent" shows and eat candy whenever she wants to. Yup, that's pretty much me in a nutshell ha ha. I said, once you're done with college, you can do and be anything you want to be. I'm happy she wants to stay at home (if she wishes to) and raise her children, but she needs to get a degree first because one day those kids will start to grow up and go back to school and then what will she do. It was more or less an option for me about college (not for my brother who now almost has his Masters. We both grew up under the same roof, but had very different expectations/rules for each of us). We are just making it known now that college is like high school, you go and when you are finished, you can live your life the way you choose to. We both wish we would have finished (obviously) way back when, but at least we are doing it now. I just don't want our kids to follow in our footsteps. Okay, off of my soapbox for now...

Monday, February 22, 2010

What your face says about you... regards to your health. Click on this to find out more. Interesting article.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Potty issues with buddy :-(

I know...really mean of me, but I needed a picture.

So I've told a few of you some of the issues that Corbin has been going through since the move (well a few weeks before the move, so I'm sure it wasn't the move that triggered this now). Basically ever so often he has to pee ALL THE TIME. My friend in the valley was watching him and was concerned right around the time when I first noticed it (about 3 wks before our move). Daryl thought it was a phase, but honestly he wasn't in pain (at the time) and I didn't have the time because of our move and how fast things were going to take him in (I know, bad mommy). When we finally settled in, he started up again and finally I took him in. To make a really long story much shorter (or as short as I can), he's seen about 5 pediatrician's since we've been in Flag (starting in Aug.) and one urologist. He's had numerous urine cultures, a few blood draws, 2 ultrasounds and 1 x-ray (we are still waiting the x-ray results). The first Doctor (for kicks) put him on antibiotics (although his urine was clean meaning no blood/sugar/bacteria) and for whatever reason, it worked after a few days. Then a few weeks went by and the preschool teachers started to complain about how much he was peeing and if I was aware. So back to the doctors and this time around, the antibiotics did not work. Over time the bouts of this have gotten longer and much worse and at times, he's grabbing his penis and crying out in misery as he throws himself onto the floor. So I dose him with children's Ibuprofen and spray some Dermoplast on him (I know..silly, but it seems to take his mind off of it at least until the meds kick in). The last pediatrician we saw last week kept trying to distract him from wanting to go (which we are all so used to at this point) by having him draw a picture of his sister (scribbles and frustrations follow and that was fun) or having him write his name (again, more scribbles and frustrations). After about 15 mins. of talking she wanted to test for strep and then made us wait for the results, finally I was going to take him potty (which you have to understand, when he goes this much, it's usually a drop and he gets so frustrated...kind-of the same feeling you would get with a UTI or kidney infection which is why this puzzles me even more why this has not been the diagnosis). I told her that the kid could be watching his favorite cartoon eating an ice cream cone and he'd still urgently have to go pee. You really can't distract him because he really feels he has to go when he gets the feeling (not matter what is going on). Then she went on to tell me he probably needed OT and Play Therapy (in addition to speech). So now I need to try and get him signed up for that now.

So we will wait for the results of the X-Ray and continue to be stumped. I will keep you all updated and yes, this did turn more lengthy than originally planned. I really hope we will have a real answer soon and not just 'oh, maybe it's just a phase' just like his head bonking. Just an FYI for anyone reading who is in the medical field (and I know a few of you are). I don't know if this is anything, but he has always had the foulest smelling breath (even minutes after brushing his teeth, but no caries on his teeth)..I mean, it literally smells like he ate dog poop and sometimes it's very sweat smelling, but very pungent at the same time, he has always had a strong, musky odor (actually, it's quite manly smelling, but still very pleasant) and he has very sticky poops. I asked if he possibly had a wheat allergy and they said there was no way (I was also thinking juvenile diabetes, but no sugar was in his urine). Soon, I will just need to take matters into my own hands and try and find a cure on my own if nothing seems to work. We are scheduled to see a pediatric urologist in a few weeks (one travels to Flag. from Phx once a month). I will keep you all updated as soon as we know anything. Poor Corbin, this can't be fun. I went through this when I was preg. with him when I had my multiple kidney stones that I was passing, UTI's and kidney infections (but at least I had answers and at least they finally when away when I had him). I have always wondered if he was in some way affected by that, but the doctors seem to think otherwise.

To be continued...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A small reunion with some of our West valley friends :)

The same weekend we went down for taxes and after our fun trip to the mall (posted below), we stayed with the Gerdes family and got to hang out with some of our old friends (I know these posts are a little out of order, but I'm trying :)). Both Gerdes families were there along with the Arensberg family and Jeremy with his girlfriend, Becki. It was nice catching up with everyone and Corbin thoroughly enjoyed P and K's new doggie, Squirrel. We were at the mall and I was having a watch sized the other day (I start clinicals for my CNA class on Friday..eek) and the jeweler had his golden retriever at the store with him (only in Flagstaff). It was love at first pet for Corbin and I. I would normally never consider a heavily shedding dog, but I'm really coming around to that breed. Who knows, maybe when we move out we will adopt one. Daryl said he gets to pick next and no more boxers :(. We were royally spoiled with Bailey Sue and the other boxers we've had since her just haven't had the brains and the bar had already been set so high. I really miss having a dog though (despite the work).

Oh how we miss our friends/family from the valley.

Spend it girl!

Tatum has been saving her tooth fairy money, allowance money and some left over birthday money for awhile now and with our recent trip to Phx to meet with our accountant to do our taxes, she had the perfect item picked out, an ICarly Build-A-Bear at the mall (we don't have a Build-A-Bear here in Flag.). It was really cool that she could pay for it herself (along with a coupon) and it's something she worked really hard for which is really good for her to learn as she grows. Really, money doesn't just grow on trees and every commercial you see on t.v. (especially infomercials), she can't just have them, you have to earn them.

Valentine's Friends!

I had parent/teacher conferences the morning of Tatum's Valentine's party at school, so I was able to stay and help with centers and preparing for the party with a few other parents. When I had my recent "girls weekend" with my Flag. mommy friends, we hit up the outlets in Sedona and bought matching outfits for the girls. They looked adorable!
Pictured above:
Tatum, Emily and Jordan.
Pictured below:
Tatum, Robin and Logan.
Oh and of course Tatum wanted curls, so we did rollers again the night before :).

Oh and as far as how well Tatum is doing, she still can be messy as far as getting her homework done so she won't have to work on it at home, but other than that, she is one of the top readers/spellers in the class, she's doing really well in Math (just like her dad) and she said if they offered a TAG program at the school (gifted), she should be tested for it. She also gets along really well with the kids and never gets in trouble with the teacher. I was beaming from ear to ear. I know it's a little braggy, but I'm one proud mama that I just had to share. ;o)


So with this being our first winter in Flagstaff (or anywhere other than Phx.), I just assumed that "this" was normal. Now I've learned that this isn't. We've had 2 blizzards so far this winter with one being so bad they shut down the colleges and schools for a few days. Then the other one, the elementary school was shut down for a whole week because it had snowed 5 1/2 feet out by us. Because the roads aren't paved and it's a private road out by us, the roads can be a bit rough out here for the minivan, but at least we can use the all-wheel drive truck on those days which helps. There's nothing like getting your van stuck in a neighbors driveway while trying to sell Girl Scout cookies for your daughter's troop 2 wks after getting stuck in the same neighborhood pulling over for a Suburban who was trying to get by which made the van slide into a small bank on the side of the road. This may be our last winter with the van :(. I will miss it, but we may need something more rugged. There's nothing like trying to drive up a steep driveway while your van wants to slide backwards and to the side because of the black ice while your skid light is on.