Saturday, February 28, 2009

Welcome Helena Basil..err..I mean Samuel Fisher.

I called my brother tonight to see if Theresa was getting close to getting ready to go to the hospital..sure enough, he was in the delivery room and had just delivered. Then he calls me back and said "she" had a penis. I seriously thought he was joking. I mean, just last weekend she had a girl baby shower. I made her a totally "girlie" blanket and bought her a pink sleep sack (at least the diapers I bought her are unisex lol). Her sister gave her a pink Peg Perego stroller and car seat. So he will be going home in a super girlie car seat. Seriously, how did they (the doctors/nurses) get this wrong?! They weren't supposed to find out the sex and two different ultrasound techs both slipped the sex to them on two different appointments, so they just figured out they were meant to know he was going to be a girl. Samuel was 6 lbs, 12 oz and was born around 4 this afternoon. She used a midwife this time around and labored 100% natural. Everett is staying with us and since he is doing so well, I decided to take the time to update my blog while the kids are sleeping and Daryl and I watch MADtv.
When I first looked at him, I saw my dad and Dan in him. I really think he's going to take more after my brother. Everett definitely takes more after Theresa (except for his hair of course).
Tatum loved going to the hospital with me. She really wants me to have another baby. I really want to have another baby again too..we'll see...I'm leaving it in God's plans and will be fine with what ends up happening with our family either way.
Samuel is 100% healthy and we are 100% happy he is here and welcome him to our family!!

Stinky Feet Day for the Last Day...

I'm sure most of you know by now, but Daryl has been unemployed now for a few weeks. He was a civil inspector for the new light rail and now that that is up and running, he no longer has a job :(. It actually couldn't have come at a better time because he ended up getting a horrible cold that had lasted a few weeks and has since thrown out his back (for most of you that don't know..he was diagnosed with 4 bulging discs a few years back and it's only been getting worse ever since). So he probably would have been missing a good amount of work because of that. I also got a very part time job as a respite worker for AZA United working for a good friend of mine, so that will help some :). Now back to the post: We went back and fourth with the idea of keeping her in school or pulling her out. We ultimately decided that Feb would be her last month (along with Mia and Xavier). Her preschool is much too expensive for us right now and it will actually make my life much easier and less hectic now that we will have our afternoons open and all day on Fridays (Corbin has preschool Mon-Thurs mornings and she was going Mon-Wed-Fri afternoons). We will be putting her in some sort of program such as gymnastics so she still will have something (honestly, she doesn't seem to mind since she knows she will still get to see her friends pretty often).
I really want her to go to Palm Valley next year with Marianna and Mia (the two girls pictured to Tatum's left-below). We are going to hopefully try and get the girls in the same class together. I already know which teacher I want (after some extensive research lol). It's an excelling school and everyone raves how wonderful it is. We are in the Litchfield district, but still have to get a variance to go since she should go to the school around the corner from us..definitely not for us. Corbin will still be at Litchfield Elementary next year. I'm curious how everything will work out if kindergarten is cut to half days next year...

They had a Stinky Feet parade on her "official" last day.

Ate Green Eggs & Ham (and loved them).
Got to be calendar helper.

Trinity thought it would be a good idea if we went and had ice cream after school..we thought so too :).

Some more randoms...

Theresa's "Girlie" Shower!

Last Sat. Tatum and I attended my sister-in-laws baby shower. The baby's name "was" going to be Helena Basil....

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Stroller Reviews

This would be my pick if we had another one. We tried for a while as most of you know and it wasn't "naturally" happening. We have since taken a small break until we can figure things out. But I still enjoy reading reviews on new and upcoming strollers. This is the Joovy Ergo Caboose and it will be available March 1st. I like the fact that you can click an infant seat to the front or back. The older child can be strapped in (or not in the back or stand up on the back). I've also heard you can have a child in front (in the car seat or not) and have a toddler sitting in the back with the older child standing up on the back step as well. This would be the perfect stroller for our family. Right now, my favorite is still my Peg Perego P3 since Tatum can stand on the back and it folds up nicely like an umbrella (although it's pretty beat up at the moment and not working as well as it's definitely well loved). I still love it despite the abuse. I figured this post would help out any friends/family members who were wanting or needing to add a stroller to their collection. Craigslist is always good for good used strollers as well.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Thanks for the link Jenn.

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Friday, February 20, 2009

OMS Reunion

It's funny now that I have a Facebook/Myspace, I have reconnected with SO many old friends. Looking back at pictures from my 7th and 8th grade year are not my fondest since I was very confused and out of touch with who I was. I tried my hardest to fit in and ended up just being a generic copycat of most of the girls whom I went to school with. When I found out there was going to be an OMS reunion via Facebook, I couldn't resist to go back and show them I was not the same old wannabe from back in the day. Melissa wouldn't go with (she's pictured on my right..Xavier's mom..I'm sitting down, 2nd from right). I have to admit, it was an absolute blast and much better than I thought it was going to be. I know we plan on doing more of these in the future and I can't wait. I love reconnecting with old friends/family (Daryl is completely opposite lol).

8th grade 1993-Osborn Middle School (5 of us pictured were at the reunion).
Ticoz-Feb 2009

Tag your sick..with a little bit of fun in between.

When it rains, it pours over here when it comes to sicknesses. It all started with Daryl, then it went to Corbin and ended with Tatum and I. We all had coughs that lasted about a month. We are all pretty much in the clear for the most part. It was not a fun month, but we still managed to a have some fun in between the lovely game of sick tag. I just wanted to throw a few updated pics on here since it's been awhile since I've posted.

Valentine's party at Tatum's school.

With her boy bff, Xavier.

After Corbin started feeling better, we were all able to go to Morgan's birthday party at Build-A-Bear at Scottsdale Fashion Square mall on Valentine's Day. Later that afternoon, it hit Tatum and she was feverish and throwing up everywhere. Not fun!

We had like 5 tables lined up in the food court. It was insane, but fun!