Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tatum's first pedicure at the salon...

You like???
And did I mention that is was super cheap!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bye Bye Tangles!

So today was the day that we decided Tatum could finally get her haircut again from the last time she did (her hair does grow really fast).  Her two really good friends from school recently have gotten their hair cut pretty short and she wanted to go shorter.  We finally agreed to the length that Carly on ICarly has which was 5 inches off.  The picture I posted was at the mall right after her cut.  She loves having her short medium length hair now.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

We finally have an answer...

The blood work came back all normal, so no allergies.  To recap real quick...he's been having issues since about June and then the frequent urination turned into him having pains in his penis.  We have taken him to several doctors since we've been here and have had numerous blood panels, several urinalysis tests, 2 ultrasounds, 1 x-ray and finally a complete blood panel checking for all kinds of allergies which I was sure was going to give us some answers.  Daryl took him to the pediatric urologist yesterday (even though he's done with his last bought of it, but we needed to keep it because it usually goes away for a week or two and then back for a month and then so on) and he told him since everything has come back normal, there wasn't much more we could do other than a few invasive procedures which involved putting a camera down his ureter yada, yada..not gonna happen..yada, yada...So he then checked out his penis and noticed the opening looked smaller than normal (which can happen sometimes with a circumcision I guess..which is funny since I felt so bad about it and the nurses assured me that he'd be more prone for bladder issues if we didn't). 
So the doc. took this wax (crayon shaped) thingy-magigy with some K-Y on it and barely stuck it in and just kind of scooped out some of the dead skin that was blocking the hole some.  He sent the kit home with Daryl and told him we'd only have to do it once or twice more within the next week and that would be the end of his problems for good.  I was shocked to find out Corbin did not put up a fight or cry and really shocked to finally figure this symptom out.  I think he was just happy to be done with needles.
I uploaded some pictures from my camera below. :-)
This was taken a few weeks back at one of our fav. restaurants downtown (Monsoon).  That boy loves his Miso soup.
At another pediatrician vist.Eating some egg drop soup at some hole in the wall place after his new haircut (he seriously needed one).
And finally, his newest prized possession Astro Boy (Wii game).  He can't get enough of anything that is Astro Boy.