Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Now for a Tatum post :)).

I figured I'd been posting more Corbin posts than Tatum posts lately, so I figured I'd post one of her. Pictured above are some of Tatum's favorite friends from preschool. Kimberly (pictured far left) was moving the following day, so we all met up for pizza that night for a farewell party.

Tatum's best friend from gym/church is Morgan. Those girls are inseparable once together. Her sister, Marianna was having a birthday party this past weekend. I was so proud of Tatum at how brave she was on that big slide. A year ago..wouldn't have happened. I posted a few short videos below of Lil' Miss Bravery.

Last day of preschool for Corbin..1 down..2 more years to go :))

I don't have enough good things to say about Litchfield Elementary School. The special needs preschool program seriously kicks a**. Corbin's teacher (Mr. Billy Henderson) definitely has set the standard for years to come. He is so patient with the kids and very creative. Because of the lovely economy, his job is being cut and he has yet to find something. It makes me sick. If we had gobs of money, I would seriously hire him to be Corbin's private tutor.

Click on the play arrow to view the short video :).

I spoke with Mr. Billy about Corbin and he said that he pretty much is at typical levels for everything except for speech. He still highly recommends speech for him regardless of whether or not we decide to keep him in special needs next year. He now plays with other children and is speaking many phrases and in small sentences. He fully understands what I say and we understand what he says. I have really enjoyed his 3's. He's come such a long way. Oh, and his class size was combined with another class (plus siblings) if you were wondering why in the world his class was so big. He had 1 teacher, 6 aids plus an occupational therapist and a speech therapist on certain days. He was definitely spoiled :).
On Monday we started "officially" potty training. I'd planned it a few weeks ago (because I plan lol). It's easier than I thought because he already has been going pee and poop on the potty for sometime now, he just will still go in his diaper/pull up as well. So Monday, he was in his underwear and he forgot and did pee on our couch (good thing I hadn't rented the carpet cleaner yet). Yesterday, we were at Daryl's parents house and he accidentally went on their tile 5 mins after he "went like Daddy". I think when he tries to stand and do it, he doesn't get it all out, so it made sense. Today, not one accident. He was even dry at nap time (although he was in a pull up). We are bribing him with jellybeans everytime he goes and today he's gone like every 1/2 hr-hour just so he can get two jellybeans lol. So far so good!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I already have him trained well :)).

Many of you who know me, know that I am not the type to be carefree about my house and about situations in life. I'm a planner, not a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of girl. I like organization and clean. I like to know what is planned the following weekend (not something that just got planned and will be happening in about an hour). Sure my kids have toys and they play with them. But my rule of thumb is once you leave your bedroom for good (meaning not just going to the potty and back), you clean your room or clean up with what you just played with. My kids aren't perfect and I still have to remind them, but I do and am consistent. Sure my house isn't always clean/organized, but when it is, I'm a happy wife/mama. I don't know what it is...I've always envied friends/family members of mine who are more carefree than myself, but I really feel I would go a little nuts if I did (believe me..I've tried lol). So we are watching our nephews (pictured in the previous post..minus little Owen) and my nephews kind of went a little crazy (which is fine and normal) in Corbin's room right before lunch today. The kids ate and we put them right down after. So I am taking Corbin to his room and he walks in and notices the mess. It's not bad..maybe a 3 min. cleanup. He immediately gasps and exclaims, "Oh, messy..UHHH"!!! I tell him it's okay and we can clean it up after nap. Then he says, "'s okay mommy..we'll clean up later". I told Daryl and we had a pretty good chuckle out of it. He pretty much reacted how I normally would have, had the boys not been here. Not really the typical reaction of a 3-year-old boy. Just had to share since everyone is currently napping and I had a little down-time.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

Daryl's brother, Byron invited us to go with them to Las Vegas for a 5 day, 4 night stay at one of their timeshares. Daryl and I had never been and of course it was the kids first time. We figured we should jump at it because with the possibility of Daryl starting work or school soon, we didn't know when we'd have time like that again. I'm so glad we did it since we had such an amazing time. We met up at Circus Circus first where they have a bunch of different rides, so the kids had a blast..that was until Tatum's first time on the Froggie Jump. She was fine after the first time and she didn't cry, although it sort-of looks like that from the pictures. Poor girl has inherited her moms more cautious side (especially when it comes to heights and rides that are a little more out of her comfort zone).

That night we went to Planet Hollywood (the mall) and each family recorded a music video and then it was the kids turn...hilarious! I tried to upload it, but it won't work..I'll try it again at another time. It was Ethan's 7th birthday, so it was fun celebrating with him.

The following day we went to the M&M factory (among other places). It was three stories and of course the kids loved it. We payed way too much for pink M&M's the kids picked out, but just to see the look on Corbin and Tatum's face was priceless (they both love pink). :)

We walked EVERYWHERE..this is one of the rare pictures of Corbin actually falling asleep on me. He looks like he's nursing haha. We were at NY NY having yummy pizza here.

Looking out at the fountains at the Bellagio. The first night we were there, the kids stayed up until midnight. Tatum was so excited since it was her first time. Every night after, we stayed out until around 10:30-11. We were even eating dinner at 9. The kids did really well and it's nice they are finally getting to an age where we can do this. Corbin really travels well since he loves to be where the action is. He even slept in his stroller a few times.

One of the days there, the four of us ate lunch at Serendipity. Not too impressed with the overpriced food/drinks, but when we decided to share a strawberry sundae..DELICIOUS! The best ice cream and whipped cream any of us have ever had. Not one drop was left.

Blue Bear went everywhere Corbin went. He's starting to be well travelled lol. Blue Bear and blanket had lost their flare when he gave up his binky a while back. Then we lost Blue Bear (he was on the top bunk) and when I was cleaning one day, I found him and he's been so attached to both again. He even takes his beloved bear to school in his backpack.

One night, Daryl and I decided to make the hike to Mandalay Bay to check out the Shark Reef and were sold, so we came back the next day to try it out. It was pricey, but pretty neat. Corbin ended up having a small meltdown towards the end since he was tired. It worked out great since they had a sitting area in the middle, so I just held him and rocked him while he tried to sleep and just watched the sharks and fish swim all around us. It was my favorite part because finally we could just relax and take it all in.

The gardens at the Bellagio were gorgeous and the hotel itself was amazing..we'd love to stay there one day.

The 2nd to last day we took the kids to Trader Vic's. That was so much fun. We had live entertainment and even a really fun magician who wowed the kids and got Corbin out of a funky mood.