Tuesday, September 21, 2010

19 wk, 2 day ultrasound...we finally know for sure what we are having..FINALLY!

So we went in today and man was I excited.  There was a student who was working on hours and I apparently was her patient (the main lady was in there overseeing her work).  Because of that, what should have been a 20 min appointment, lasted more like an hour and a half.  Daryl even had to leave early to pick up Corbin from preschool.  They kept calling her HER the entire appointment and when they went for the gender shot, her legs were crossed (they snapped a picture below).  She was very wiggly and towards the end, she kept yawning (pictured) and putting her arm over her face (pictured) as if there was a flash light in her face.  At one point she had stretched her arm over her face and she was scratching the top of her head.  Oh yeah, I keep saying her and yes, she is DEFINITELY a GIRL!   They got a really good "hamburger" or "coinslot" shot of her and there was no way a penis would ever be sprouting from there.  They had to put a question mark on there because of sue happy mama's who have sued before when they were predicted the wrong sex.  She did say that that shot was one of the better ones they had seen in a long time, so they were 100% sure.  They also kept commenting on her lips and how big and beautiful they were (you can see in a few few pictures..especially one if you click on it to enlarge it).  I wrote in red pen (and arrows) on one of the photo programs so you can actually see what you are looking at (although you still may need to click on them to actually read it).  I forgot to get her weight.  I also just found out that my obstetrician up here is moving his practice (or quiting) to another state and the two ob's up here who are supposed to be the best, are all booked for Jan and Feb. deliveries.  So I'm not sure what I'm going to do now that I don't have an OB.

Also, at the beginning of the appointment, the main sonographer had this horrible frown on her face and kept looking at the student sonographer to see her reaction.  Finally after about 4 mins of me thinking the trainer was just mean and intimidating, I found out the student had the probe backwards (or upside down) flipping the baby's organs completely over.  Once we figured that out, everything looked perfect.  It was much more relaxed and joyous after that.
And about my dream, I now know Aunt Marcia really had a huge part (other than God of course) in us having our baby girl!  I actually cried during the ultrasound (something I have never done before).  We know this baby will be our last and for this baby to seem so real now was just overwhelming that having another girl was just icing on the cake! 

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